This section describes the different environments available and their features.

Our API is available in two environments:

Sandbox Environment

This is a test environment.

Our sandbox environment is built to look and feel like the real thing. You are provided with routes and the necessary API keys for testing.
Every route is sandboxed and data persists exactly like in live mode. Your sandbox data is isolated from production data, meaning your data is not transferable between sandbox and production.

Your sandbox API key is infixed with waza_sk_test_, whereas your production key is infixed with waza_sk_live_. You can create beneficiaries, and create orders for them just like you would in your production environment.

The sandbox environment contains special API operations that allow you to easily test and simulate different activities, like balance credits/debits

Live Environment

This is the production environment.

This environment enables users to make use of the data that has been tested in the Sandbox environment. We provide all the information necessary for testing out our live environment in this documentation.

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