Learn how to make fast cross-border payments with Waza.

To make payments with our API, create a beneficiary from our API or client our Dashboard.
Initiate your payment payment to your beneficiary using their reference.

Making Payouts Using Payout API

If you are technically savvy all you have to do is follow the payment instructions to:

Pay an existing beneficiary
Pay a new beneficiary

Payment Status

A payment request can have any of the statuses we support on Waza. Please see the table below for more descriptions of the statuses we support.

1PENDINGA payment order has been created, but Waza is yet to request for payment for this request in the sender's currency
2AWAITING_PAYMENTWaza has requested payment for this order and is currently waiting for this to be completed
3AWAITING_RECEIVEThe beneficiary is waiting to receive payment from Waza.
4COMPLETEDThe payment has been delivered to the beneficiary
5REVERSEDThe payment has been sent back to the sender
6FAILEDThe payment has failed


Before proceeding

You need API keys to authenticate your requests.

You can find your API key on the Waza Dashboard under Settings