Managing Webhooks

This page explains managing your webhooks when plugging in Waza's B2B global payment APIs

Webhooks allow you to set up a notification system that can be used to receive updates on certain requests made to the Waza API. With webhooks, you can receive notifications about payment status changes, transaction updates, and other important events as they happen. This documentation page provides guidance on how to manage webhooks, set up webhook endpoints, and handle webhook payloads effectively.


For actions regarding creating, updating and deletion of webhook. See our Webhooks API reference for more details.

Security Considerations

Securing your webhook endpoint is essential to protecting your application data. Consider implementing the following security measures in your system:

  • Authentication: Use authentication mechanisms, such as API tokens or HMAC verification, to ensure that incoming webhook requests are from our API.
  • SSL/TLS: Ensure your webhook endpoint uses HTTPS with a valid SSL/TLS certificate to encrypt data in transit.
  • Webhook Verification: Validate incoming webhook payloads against a secret or signature provided by our API to verify their authenticity.

Webhooks Event types

TypeDescriptionData type
order.createdA new order has been createdOrder
order.completedOccurs when an order is completedOrder
order.payout_sentWhen payout has been made to a beneficiaryOrder