Welcome to the WAZA API documentation. Here you'll find all the information you need and help you get started with the WAZA API.


WAZA API is REST-based and uses standard HTTP response codes, authentication, and verbs. Our API has resource-oriented URLs, accepts JSON request bodies (or form-encoded if explicitly specified), and returns JSON-encoded responses. This documentation guides you on how to perform authentication, structure requests, and enable clients to make payments with Waza.


To get started, you'll need:

  • A dashboard account. Create an account and sign in here.
  • An API key. Once you sign in, you should get an API Key from here.
  • Postman or a similar tool to run the APIs.

Requests and Response

Both request and response data are formatted as JSON. All 2XX responses (except 204), will generally return an object with the following keys. All 2XX responses come with an x-waza-request-id header attribute. This attribute will be useful when you need to contact us about a certain request.

  • data: Object containing the result of the operation

Example response for [GET] /v2/quotes

  "data": {
    "send_amount": 574565,
    "send_currency": "NGN",
    "receive_amount": 1000,
    "receive_currency": "USD",
    "fee_amount": 0,
    "fee_currency": "NGN",
    "total_payable_amount": 574565,
    "rate": 0.00174044732325749,
    "id": "723cb15e-9f52-450a-9407-d6fd9299a14d"


Waza API returns your standard HTTP error status codes when errors happen during the processing of a request. 5XX errors are rare and if they do happen, please contact support.

HTTP status

400 - Bad RequestUnacceptable request due to some missing parameter
401 - UnauthorizedNo valid API key provided
403 - ForbiddenThe API key does not have permission to perform the request
404 - Not foundRequested resource does not exist
409 - ConflictThe request conflicts with another request
429 - Too Many RequestsToo many requests hitting the API within a short time
5XX - Server errorsSomething went wrong on Waza's end

Error response

Error response objects contain an error object with the following attributes

messagestringHuman-readable description of the error
typestringType of error, can be one of api_error, idempotency_error or invalid_request_error
codestringOptional error code for some errors
field_errorsobject[]An optional array of objects containing field and message keys, this is returned to 400 responses and gives details about the invalid or missing fields


Ready to get started?

Before you get started. First, you will need to signup for a Waza account and generate your API keys