Use Cases

A variety of business or application use cases for Waza Payout APIs

Waza payouts API facilitates local currency payouts, here are a variety of business or application use cases:

  1. Remittance Services: Businesses building for expatriates or foreigners can use our APIs to power the functionality for their users to send money to their families or friends in Nigeria.

  2. Freelance/Remote work Payment Platforms: Platforms or businesses that employ/offer payment services for freelance workers from Nigeria can use Waza as an efficient way to make their payments.

  3. E-Commerce Refunds: Online businesses can use our APIs to process refunds to their Nigerian customers.

  4. Micro-transaction Platforms: Game companies, apps, or platforms that deal with in-app purchases and need to pay out rewards or real cash to Nigerian users can use Waza Payouts service.

  5. Salary Disbursements: Companies with remote employees or contractors in Nigeria can streamline their salary disbursement process efficiently with Waza Payout APIs.

  6. Affiliate Marketing Payouts: Businesses with affiliate marketing programs e.g. Medium Partners program can efficiently pay their Nigerian affiliates with our Payout service.

  7. Betting and Gaming Payouts: Betting and gaming platforms can offer instant payouts to winners in Nigeria using our service.

  8. Insurance Claims: Insurance companies operating in or covering Nigerian clients can process claim payouts with Waza Payout.

  9. Survey and Research Platforms: Platforms or businesses that offer compensation for participating in surveys or research can manage payouts to their participants using our services.

  10. Charity and Non-Profits: Organizations that need to disburse funds, grants, or aid to beneficiaries in Naira (NGN) can make use of our Payout APIs to service licensed organisations.

These use cases can serve a range of industries, ensuring quick and reliable local currency (NGN) payouts in especially in Nigeria which is our primary market for now.