Waza's Payout API Product Documentation

Waza payouts API is a suite of API services designed for businesses who want to make local currency payouts to our supported countries. Waza Payout is currently only available in 🇳🇬Nigeria

Designed with precision and clarity in mind, our API facilitates effortless local currency payouts, ensuring businesses can focus on growth while we handle the transactions. This documentation aims to provide you with a comprehensive guide on integrating and optimizing the Waza Payout API for your business needs.

This API offers a suite of features tailored for businesses aiming to execute local currency payouts in our supported countries. Adhering to the RESTful HTTP design principle, we guarantee user-friendliness, adaptability, and broad compatibility while integrating our services.

For detailed information on our API endpoints, request/response formats, status codes, and examples, please navigate to the respective sections in this documentation.


Kindly note

  • All amounts are in the lowest denomination. For example, all Naira payout amounts are passed in Kobo. To convert Naira to Kobo, simply multiply the Naira amount by 100, e.g. NGN100 will be passed as "amount": 10000.
  • All successful 2XX responses are wrapped in a data object. See an example below

Sample data response:

    "data": [
            "id": "0947445e-333f-4b3b-a5f9-27267429d2b0",
            "currency": "NGN",
            "country": "NG",
            "amount": 5690000,
            "timestamp": "2023-08-08T12:45:47.107Z",
            "metadata": {}

From endpoint details to error handling, each section is crafted to equip you with the knowledge to seamlessly integrate our solution into your operations. Dive in and discover the potential of seamless digital transactions with Waza.

Here are some use cases to give you an idea on the possibilities of using our APIs