Transactions (Data)

Summary information of retrieving transactions data of an account

This addresses the data query parameter and expected responses for the transactions list endpoint

Query Parameters Definitions:

fromstringSpecifies the start date of the transaction range in the format YYYY-MM-DD.
tostringSpecifies the end date of the transaction range in the format YYYY-MM-DD.
statearrayFilters the transactions by their current state. Possible values include PENDING, COMPLETED, etc. (multiple values allowed)
currencystringFilters transactions based on their currency (e.g., NGN).
countrystringFilters transactions by originating country (e.g., NG).
pagestringIndicates which page of results to retrieve. If not provided, defaults to the first page.
limitstringSpecifies the number of transactions to retrieve per page.

Data Response Format

Upon a successful transaction initiation, the API will return the transaction details:

idstringA unique identifier for the transaction.
statestringThe current status of the transaction. E.g., "PENDING". (states are PENDING, PROCESSING, COMPLETED, FAILED)
created_datedatetimeTimestamp indicating when the transaction was initiated.
balance_beforeintBalance before the transaction in the smallest unit.
balance_afterintBalance after the transaction in the smallest unit.
completion_datedatetimeOptional date of transaction completion (Available only for completed transfers)

Sample Data Response

    "data": {
        "id": "waza_trf_LHg8_1689553108124",
        "amount": 18000,
        "currency": "NGN",
        "country": "NG",
        "beneficiary": {
            "type": "BANK_ACCOUNT",
            "account_name": "Frank Sani",
            "account_number": "123400001",
            "bank_code": "090365",
            "bank_name": "CORESTEP MICROFINANCE BANK"
        "state": "PENDING",
        "created_date": "2023-07-17T00:18:28.124Z",
        "completion_date": "2023-07-17T00:18:28.125Z",
        "customer_reference": "1234ab",
        "metadata": {
            "reason": "Payment from APP"
        "balance_before": 1880000,
        "balance_after": 1862000