Transactions (Initiation)

A guide on the transactions endpoints for initiating payouts

The transaction endpoint facilitates the initiation of funds transfer to beneficiaries. By providing details about the amount, beneficiary, sender, and other optional metadata, you can execute payouts seamlessly through this endpoint.

Request Body

amountintegerThe amount to be transferred in the smallest unit of the currency.Yes
currencystringThe currency code, e.g., "NGN" for Nigerian Naira.Yes
countrystringThe ISO country code for the transfer, e.g. "NG"Yes
beneficiaryobjectDetails of the beneficiary receiving the funds.Yes
metadataobjectAdditional information for the transaction.No
customer_referencestringA unique reference provided by the client for this transaction.Yes
descriptionstringA brief description or purpose of the payment.Yes
senderobjectDetails of the person or entity sending the funds.Yes

Beneficiary Object:

typestringType of beneficiary account. Typically "BANK_ACCOUNT".Yes
account_namestringName on the beneficiary's account.Yes
account_numberstringBeneficiary's account number.Yes
bank_codestringThe bank's unique identification code.Yes
bank_namestringOfficial name of the beneficiary's bank.Yes

Sender Object:

namestringFull name of the sender.Yes
countrystringThe ISO country code of the sender, e.g. "NG".Yes
send_currencystringThe currency code the sender is using.Yes
send_amountintegerAmount being sent by the sender in the smallest unit.Yes
dobstringSender's date of birth in YYYY-MM-DD format. Optional.No
addressstringSender's address. Optional.No

Sample Data Response

    "data": {
        "id": "waza_trf_LHg8_1689553108124",
        "amount": 18000,
        "currency": "NGN",
        "country": "NG",
        "beneficiary": {
            "type": "BANK_ACCOUNT",
            "account_name": "Frank Sani",
            "account_number": "123400001",
            "bank_code": "090365",
            "bank_name": "CORESTEP MICROFINANCE BANK"
        "state": "PENDING",
        "created_date": "2023-07-17T00:18:28.124Z",
        "completion_date": "2023-07-17T00:18:28.125Z",
        "customer_reference": "1234ab",
        "metadata": {
            "reason": "Payment from APP"
        "balance_before": 1880000,
        "balance_after": 1862000